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Day Five - August 10, 2010

San Francisco to Yosemite National Park!

all seasons in one day

Another totally wonderful day!
Started in San Francisco and ended in Yosemite National park.
We got up early and took a cable car ride to Chinatown.
Cable cars are amazing! And they go up and down really steep hills.

We then drove to Ahwahnee CA at the cottages at the Homestead.
VERY nice place!!

We drove up to Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias in Yosemite National Park.
At first they would let us into the park because of over crowding, but finally we took a bus up to the grove and waled in.

Hitched hiked back down to a our car. A wonderful family picked us up and stuffed us into a already very full van. They we great people, from Carona CA.

At dark we stopped by a grocery store picked up some roasted chickens and salad.

Nice day!

PS - Happy birthday Marko!

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Day Four - August 9, 2010

San Fransico!!


We got up really early and went to Halley's Diner for Awesome Hevous Rancheros (thank you for the great recommendation Janice!)

We headed out towards Reyes Point, a really cute little town. From there we drove Highway 1 towards San Francisco.

It was a Great drive, I know the pictures just don't do it justice, it was truly beautiful, but it was a really scary, 'white knuckle' ride.
We road through HUGE Eucalyptus Groves, the trees towered over us and the air was perfumed with Eucalyptus. I am really loving California!

We got to our hotel in San Francisco around 4:30 and at 5pm the hotel had a wine tasting down in the lobby. Which we totally took advantage of. We walked out to Fisherman's Warf and ate wonderful Chowder and shrimp. Walked all over, it was getting really cold and windy, so we went to the hotel by early evening and we are using this evening to re-charge. We have done, and seen so many great things these past few days we need a little down time.

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Day Three - August 8, 2010

Sanoma - Wine, wine and more wine! For Tommy it was just Whine!


GREAT DAY!! Met up with my stepsister Janice first thing in the morning. She took us on wine tasting throughout Sanoma Valley. Beautiful!

First we went to Gloria Ferrer Winery, Janice explained that it is always nice to start the day with a sparkling rose... really nice!

Then we drove to Sanoma Plaza and shopped all the cute stores, and picked up wonderful artisans cheeses, pate, and bread.

We adventured on to Arrowood Winery for tasting. Then to Landmark Winery, the gardens were beautiful, we had a delicious picnic on the grounds.

By then it was dinner time, Kyle and Mike invited us over for a BBQ. Tri-tip on the grill (Tri-tip is a cut of meat that is very popular here in California, that we never heard of, but it was quite yummy!) They had a great home with a cute little dog named 'Cracker' (WAH! I miss the Chihuahuas!)

All in all a wonderful day even though Hamburgler didn't join us because he didn't have photo ID with him for the wine tasting, and he slept in. But he is coming with us tomorrow when we hit San Francisco!

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Day Two - August 7, 2010

Old Scaramento & Petaluma


The Fairfield Inn in Sacramento was lovely, clean, and had a free breakfast with fresh waffles, bananas, yogurt and granola.

We then ventured out to Old Sacramento. What a GREAT town! Totally a tourist trap but really nicely done, a lot of great fun shops and restaurants. People walking around in 1800's dress and stopping and putting on little skits in the street. Just lovely.

Then in one of the Chamber of Commerce brochures it said that we HAD to go to the Old Sacramento cemetery. We just couldn't argue with that reasoning, so we went and it was really nice. The pictures just don't do it justice. It was really beautiful.

Next we drove to Petaluma, we checked into the Metro Hotel. It is great. We have our own little cabin. It has a little kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, back outdoor cafe area and a really cool front porch.

The weather here is fabulous bright, sunny, 75 degrees with no humidity.
Dinner at Hana Sushi in Rohnert Park CA. My step-sister Janice said it was one of the best Sushi places in the North West. She was right, the food was excellent.

We then drove back to Petaluma and met with Janice, Kyle and her boyfriend Mike. We went to 'Tres Hombres' for a few drinks. Seeing Janice and Kyle again was amazing! We haven't seen each other for 30 YEARS!!

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Day one... just getting there is an adventure!


Day One of our adventure.
We get to Newburgh for our flight to find out that our flight was canceled! (see the picture of our mascot looking at the red canceled sign in the airport) The airline booked us a flight out of Albany and put us in a limo up to Albany. Ugh! Another 2 hour drive, added on to an already very long travel day.

Our limo driver, Dominic, was very nice. He spent the day driving people in a funeral and then got recruited to be a pall barer for a man he did not even know! He said the coffin was so heavy and the family was just sitting there watching and not helping! His back was a mess. Then we got stuck in traffic and JUST made the flight by cutting people off in line at the security check in.

So we make it to Chicago, and our flight gets delayed for two hours! Which means when we get to Sacramento our car rental place will be closed (they close at mid-night!)

But, on the up side... there was a cool light show and music between the C terminal and the B terminal (see the pictures)
We ate a very yummy dinner at Chilli's at the terminal while we were waiting.

Finally got to our hotel at 1:30 am California time.... 4:30 am NY time. WOW! Are we tried!!

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