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Day Ten - August 15, 2010

Home sweet home!!


YAWN! Over night red eye flight to Philadelphia. UGH!!
But, we made it now we sit until 9:30 am, and catch a small plane to Newburgh.
Home to pick up the Chihuahuas!!!
All I want to do is take a shower in my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed.
:-) Few more hours and we will be there, home sweet home!

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Day Nine - August 14, 2010

Last day with Mom! heading home to NY


Our last day of our California Adventure!!
We didn't sleep so well on the pull out couch so both Tommy and I are tired.

Bud got up early and made a HUGE breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and potatoes... with of course the fresh squeezed orange juice from the trees in their back yard. It was like heaven.

We sat around all morning trying to digest, then around lunch time we took off for the Pala Casino, we gambled for a while then ate lunch. Sushi and Chinese food that was really very good.

In the parking garage of the Casino I said good bye to my mother :-(
and we headed out to the San Diego airport, dropped off the rental car, and went through the security at the airport.

Our fight is at 10:10 PM to Philadelphia and then a 3 hour wait there, then from Philadelphia to Newburgh we should be home by 10:30 to pick up the Chihuahuas!

Awwww! The Chihuahuas!!! I miss them!

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Day Eight-August 13, 2010

Mom's home cooking!


We told my mom we get up early and so she got up at 4:30 am to make sure she was up to make breakfast for us!

We of course slept until 7 am because we had a late night at the casino the night before.

Poor mom was exhausted, but she made us a wonderful breakfast.

Tommy and Bud took a ride out to see the sights and eat fish tacos, my mom and I stayed home.

We took the dog, Fritz, to town and walked around and she introduced me to some of her friends at the senior center.

In the afternoon she made a German dish called 'Rouladen' basically it is rolled meat, it was extremely good, you just can't beat mom's home cooking!!!

We were all very tried so we just stayed home in the evening and listen to great stories about Germany.
Later we ventured off to Cold Stone Ice Cream in town, in bed early.

PS - Happy Birthday 24th Robin!

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Day Seven - August 12, 2010



Got up early, we ended up staying at a Holiday Inn Express. We had a 5.5 hour ride ahead of us to get to Fallbrook (near San Diego) to see my mom.

It was going to be a surprise that we were visiting so, Bud (my step-dad) told her only this morning that we were coming. It was so funny that she did not believe him and thought he was just teasing her!

Finally to get her to believe him, he had to show her all the e-mails about us coming into California.
On the way down to Fallbrook we stopped at a great Mexican Restaurant for enchiladas and burritos, yummy!

It was a very long drive through the desert, lots of cactus and even wind farms. Everything was extremely interesting and nothing like New York, a totally different world.

Five hours later we arrived at my moms house to a very happy reunion!!

Of course we went to the casino for dinner and gambling in the evening.

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Day Six - August 11, 2010

The Awesome National Parks!


Yaaaaa! Waking up at the beautiful Homestead was great. We made a breakfast of eggs and avocados, yum!

We took off early to see Yosemite National Park and the Park views and vistas were amazing, the pictures just don't do the views justice, we were awe struck.

In the afternoon we drove off about 2.5 hours south to Three Rivers to a little hotel called the Gateway. It was horrible! Smelled terrible and the locks on the door didn't work. Very seedy! Hated it!

We drove up to see the Giant Sequoias. The trees were awesome! But the road up was horrible, 7000 feet up, twist turn road, with many many hair pins turns.
We got back the hotel by 9pm and I just couldn't stay there, so we told them we were leaving and we drove 1 hour south to a great place and a good nights sleep.

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